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The Only Real-Time View of the National Real Estate Market

Only Altos has coverage of all 100M properties in the U.S. They capture and analyze 250M data points in over 30,000 zip codes each week - 98% of the U.S. real estate market - to give you predictive market insights you can’t get anywhere else.
There are only three big questions for the real estate consumer: “What’s for sale?”, “How much is my house worth?” and “How’s the market?” 
While every real estate agent is equipped to discuss available listings and approximate home values through tools like the MLS and Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), buyers and sellers often rely on popular home search apps such as Zillow, Redfin, and Realtor.com. However, there's a notable scarcity of solutions offering comprehensive market insights—insights crucial for understanding market dynamics, identifying opportunities, and strategizing in competitive environments.
I'm thrilled to announce my collaboration with Altos Research, the foremost authority in real-time real estate data. Altos has pioneered a sophisticated system for aggregating both local and national market data, providing unparalleled insights into ongoing market trends. With a weekly tracking of over 100 million properties and cutting-edge software analyzing thousands of market variables in real-time, Altos delivers actionable market intelligence.
Now, I can furnish you with this invaluable market data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Simply subscribe below to tailor the frequency of your data updates according to your preferences. 

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